The plug-in includes the following features:

  • Code Instrumentator which instruments source code (using Eclipse AST classes) or bytecode  (using the soot framework).
  • A language to specify escape information.
  • A Call Graph Browser with detailed information about allocation points in the application code 
  • A Scope Information (regions) Editor (with drag and drop support over the call graph)

Shortly, the plug-in will also include:

  •  An interface to Pointer and Escape Analysis tools to automatically obtain safe escape information.
  •  An Instrumented Code Navigator that will allow programmers to edit Java RTJ code with typical GUI features such as syntax highlighting, navigation, intellisense, autocompletion, etc. and interaction with  the original Java code.
  •  Region usage Debugging, providing a runtime browsing of active regions, visualization of object-lifetimes, region-sizes and scoping-rules violations.