Daniel Ciolek

Daniel Alfredo Ciolek

Phd. Student @ LaFHIS, DC, FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires


Daniel Ciolek I am a Phd. Student at LaFHIS: The Tools and Foundations for Software Engineering Lab since 2012. My advisor is Sebastián Uchitel.


My research topic is focused towards the application of planning and control synthesis techniques to software engineering problems. I am currently reviewing techniques for formally specifying soft goals from which synthesize reactive controllers. I have also worked on static software verification using incremental SAT-Solving. As part of my master thesis I built a tool for automatic test generation called FAJITA, on top of the TACO framework.


I am a teaching assistant at the Science and Technology Department at the National University of Quilmes in the following courses:
  • Functional Programming
  • Concurrent Programming


Peer Reviewed Publications in National / International Journals

1. M. Chicote, D. Ciolek and J. Galeotti (2013). Practical JFSL verification using TACO. Software Practice and Experience (SPE). Pending publication.

Peer Reviewed Participation in National / International Conferences

1. M. Frias, D. Ciolek, J. Galeotti, et. al. (2013). Tight Bounds + Incremental SAT = Better Test Generation under Rich Contracts. IEEE - International Conference on Software Testing (ICST). Pending publication.